It means "Class of the Best and the Brightest"

WOLAKOLKICIYAPI: Learning Lakota ways of life in community Oglala Lakota College is chartered by the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities that enhance Lakota life. These opportunities include community services, certificates, GED, Associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees. Oglala Lakota College provides a framework of excellence for student knowledge, skills, and values towards piya wiconi - a new beginning for harmony in fulfillment of aspirations and dreams. Oglala Lakota College is committed to continuous improvement and is creating Oglala Lakota University through outstanding teaching research, community service and assessment.

Internet technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, making a profound impact on how we teach, learn, communicate, and collaborate. Today's students cannot imagine going to college without the World Wide Web. Higher education institutions today face the challenge of equipping campuses with the latest, best, and most robust electronic systems while simultaneously protecting their investments in homegrown or legacy systems.