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Please complete any available course evaluations by clicking the course evaluation link in the left sidebar!



Students with Perfect Attendance for the first three weeks and every two weeks after will receive a stipend based on their level of enrollment.

*Excluding fully packaged & less than half time students.


Each two week period is evaluated separately and will not be based on a student’s prior attendance, giving students a chance to receive the stipend throughout the semester.

Students must have perfect attendance in ALL of their classes for each evaluation period in order to qualify.

This includes Graduate students with 6 hours or more and Students who are Ineligible for Financial Aid.

Award amounts

12 hours+ $50

9-11 hours $40

6-8 hours $30

The Week 4 Payment will be doubled ($100, $80, $60), but the remaining disbursements will be single ($50, $40, or $30).

Disbursement Dates:

Week 4 -2/16/18

Week 6 -3/2/18

Week 8 -3/23/18

Week 10 -4/6/18

Week 12 -4/20/18

Week 14 -5/4/18

Week 16 -5/18/18

By completing this application I agree to the conditions of OLC’s computer account & network policy.  I affirm that the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I have received and/or accessed the electronic version of the 2016-2017 Student Handbook.  I agree to read this handbook and abide by its provisions.  I acknowledge that federal law permits institutions of higher education to disclose academic, enrollment and financial aid information about me to staff that need to know such information to carry out their administrative duties. Students who withdraw voluntarily from classes the first three weeks of registraion will receive 100% tuition refund.  Withdrawal from classes beginning the third week of classes will be assessed full charges.  If you have any questions please call Registrar's Office at 605-455-6033.

**Please submit only one online application.

If you change your address or degree during the semester, please complete the change of address form or change of major form available at your home center, thank you!

Online Admissions Application
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Support Staff/Chairs Return                                       January 2nd
Faculty Return                                                         January 8th
Registration Ends                                                    January 12th
Assessment Days                                                   January 15-19th
Course Cancellation Meeting                                     January 16th
ADD or DROP                                                         January 15-26th
Martin Luther King Day (Offices Closed)                     January 15th
Classes Begin (Sunday classes begin January 28th)   January 22nd
Last Week to Drop 100%                                          January 29-Feb 9th
President’s Day (Offices Closed)                               February 19th
AIHEC 2018 (Bismarck, ND)                                     March 11-14th
Spring Break (No classes)                                        March 12-16th 
Easter Holiday (Good Friday)                                    March 30th 
Registration Begins for Fall semester                         April 16th
Application to Graduate Program due                         April 16th
Classes End (Sunday classes end May 13th)             May 11th
Faculty’s Last Day                                                   May 17th
Make-up Period                                                       May 14-16th
Assessment Days                                                    May 16-17th
Final Grades and Assessment materials due              May 16th 
Last Day for Chairs                                                   May 25th 
Memorial Day (Offices Closed)                                   May 28th
Graduation/Pow-wow                                                 June 15-17th
Last Day for Support Staff (24 pay period)                   June 15th