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Scheduled disbursement dates SUMMER 2018
Attendance Stipends:
will be disbursed after all classes have met.
If you’d like $200 or less taken from your Pell award to apply to an old tuition bill, you’ll need to give us something in writing stating so before Pell is disbursed. $200 is the most we’re allowed to keep and only once a year from Pell.

**Please note**
If there is a 3rd party paying for your SU18 classes, please notify our office with the proper information to get an invoice sent if needed. It is your responsibility to make sure your bill is paid.
All funding that is received by Tuesday @ noon and no later, will be disbursed the following Friday. No exception!
Only center directors or counselors will be allowed to pick up checks from our office. We do not release refund checks to students.
If you have any questions please contact your counselor and center directors.Thank you! Have a great semester and good luck!!!