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More Pricey But A Better One How N95 Mask Can Protect You Original post: Wed 7/15/2020 at 2:15 AM

N95 Mask Price: More Pricey But A Better One How N95 Mask Can Protect You  

In this time of pandemic due to coronavirus disease or COVID-19, the World Health Organization or the WHO required us to use face masks to somehow protect ourselves from this kind of virus. We are very informed that many countries are fighting against this disease. According to WHO, COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. As of this moment, researchers, scientists, and other medical experts do not have specific vaccines or treatment for this new infectious disease. 

All we can do to protect ourselves from this COVID-19 is to do some preventive measures. You should practice to wash your hands with clean water and soap regularly, or you can use alcohol-based hand rub. This is the best thing to do nowadays. You also have to practice social distancing especially in public places. Maintain at least 1 meter away from other people, specifically those people who are sneezing or coughing. You should also avoid touching your face, and cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing so you cannot transmit any virus to other people.  

Furthermore, if you feel sick or unwell, it is better to stay at home. Do not force yourself to work and to interact with other people. If you have some smoking habits, you should avoid this for now and those activities that can weaken your lungs because COVID-19 will target your respiratory system so you better have a strong and healthy lungs. Moreover, if you have plans on other places like travels on some tourist destinations, you should cancel this for the meantime. You should avoid going to crowded places especially those places with so many tourists because COVID-19 is almost all over the world.  

One way to protect ourselves from COVID-19 is the use of face masks. We have different kinds of face masks. We have the surgical masks that are intended to be used by the medical staff especially during a surgery procedure to protect themselves and also the patient under surgery against bacteria in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer’s mouth and nose.  

Another kind of face masks are the homemade cloth face masks. This kind of face mask is not suitable to protect ourselves from viruses because it can only filter dust and still, viruses and bacteria can penetrate. One effective face mask in this kind of situation is the N95 face mask. It is noted as an appropriate protector against dusts, minerals, metal fumes, or biological particles such as viruses. N95 mask price is quite more expensive compared to other kinds of face masks because it will give the best protection against the COVID -19. If you want to know more about n95 mask price, you can find its details on 

N95 is made with light foam that can cover your whole mouth and nose. This kind of face mask has also been intended to be worn by health professionals, not only the surgical mask. It almost filters 95% of the dust and other particulates. But you have to know that N95 masks should not be used if oil aerosols are present because the presence of the oil can damage the filter of the mask. The “N” in the N95 stands for “Not resistant to oil”. 

There are two designs for the N95 mask which are the “P” and the “R”. You can use both of them when you are in an oily atmosphere. The “P” stands for “oil-proof or strongly resistant” and the “R” stands for “somewhat oil-resistant”. N95 masks also vary in different sizes so make sure that you will buy the right size that will fully cover your mouth and nose.  

Prevention is better than cure. This line is always someone’s motto and it is very applicable in this time of pandemic especially that we are fighting against a disease that still has no cure at all. It is better to buy an expensive one that will guarantee more safety. 


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