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What is web hosting Original post: Wed 9/9/2020 at 7:21 PM

Suppose you do business and you need a shop or store to keep all the goods or merchandise of your business, similarly, any material you keep on your websites like Video, Photo or Text Article A storage is required to keep everyone on the Internet, now a computer is connected to the Internet and kept on 24 hours and all your content is stored on it is called Host Computer or Web Host and this The process is called Web Hosting.

How web hosting works

Now we have understood what web hosting is, but if we do not understand how it works, then we also know that, first of all, understand where we get web hosting from.

Internet is the largest network in the world, through it millions of computers and mobile devices are connected to each other. You must have seen that when two computers are connected to each other in your home, then that too becomes a small internet. Goes but it is a private network, but when a computer is connected to the public network or not, any data that is contained in it can be used or accessed by the public, then it becomes a part of the Internet You can call it web server or web host

What is the type of web hosting?

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting stores many website files simultaneously on one server, so this hosting is called shared web hosting. All the resources of the computer like processor, RAM, and hard disk are used together by all the websites but it is the same Because this hosting is cheaper than all hosting but it has some disadvantages.

Just read this Hostgator Review and Coupon code article to get more info about shared hosting!

It is fine as long as your website is new and the number of visitors to it is also less if for some reason the number of visitors to a website increases. If it is, it affects all the websites hosted on that hosting, ie if one website is slow or down, then all the websites will go down.

Being down means that all those website pages will take a long time to open. , But it happens very rarely, it is like renting the same room by many people

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Virtual Private Server

If seen, a virtual private server is similar to a shared web hosting, but here a server is divided into a number of virtual servers as you partition your hard disk in exactly the same way even after partitioning. The hard disk remains the same, the same way the virtual private server is stored on the same server. It is like different rooms in the same house. These web servers are more secure than shared web hosting and can handle more traffic.

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Dedicated Web Hosting

Here a server is set up separately for a website and all its resources use only one website. This web hosting is good for a website with a lot of traffic like if you have any commercial website which has a lot of If there is more traffic, then you can take dedicated web hosting, because if a server is set aside for you, then it costs a lot.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is a group of many web servers that are set up in different countries. All these hosting are connected to the internet and here at your request, a virtual server is created which is called cloud server. Data is uploaded to the Internet and all the servers remain in sync. Suppose if your website is in India and someone opens it in the US then it is accessed by the nearest server through cloud web hosting so that the speed of the website is greatly increased. Also, cloud hosting also handles more web traffic.

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Re: What is web hosting Posted: Wed 9/30/2020 at 1:57 AM, in reply to guest guest

Does your WordPress website need more speed? More security? Does access to features such as automatic website backups, automatic WordPress software updates and a selection of high-quality premium WordPress themes as part of your hosting package sound appealing?

If so, managed WordPress hosting (rather than regular ‘shared’ hosting) could be just what you need! And WP Engine Black Friday are quite possibly the biggest company in this space.

In this review, we’ll be covering exactly what you’ll get access to if you sign up with WP Engine. We’ll also look at what loading times you can expect (we’ve carried out a series of in-depth tests with leading themes), uptime results, load-impact test results (i.e. how they perform when lots of visitors want to access your site simultaneously, creating traffic surges) and everything else they have to offer.

If you’re tired of reading hosting reviews that simply rehash feature lists and promotional content, this WP Engine review will be of huge interest. It should provide you with all of the information and data you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to choose WP Engine.

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Re: Re: What is web hosting Posted: Mon 11/16/2020 at 5:03 AM, in reply to guest guest

The Internet is home to millions of websites. This means you have millions of websites that can compete with you. It's important when you leap to design your website, you know what you do and how you do it. website design is not an easy task, especially if you are not an expert web designer. Get to know about Managed WordPress hosting via

This article will discuss some solid advice that can be used, including you, to make sure your web design is appropriate for your audience!

1. Know Your Audience

It was quite surprising to mention that most web designers do not know who their target audience is. When asked, most web designers respond to this question by stating, "Everyone!" Design your website and can not meet the needs of every individual. You need to find out what age group, gender, and group of people will most benefit from your web design.

2. Have a Clean Design

Not everyone is an internet guru, especially the elderly. You need to make sure that your website is designed in a clean and easy to navigate fashion. If people have to look for your website to find what they are looking for, they will leave. Ask a friend to try to navigate your website. If it takes him more than a few seconds to find something, you really should give more thought to your navigation. Also keep in mind that if your website is for people from all walks of life, some people have poor vision. Do not make your layout is hard on the eyes of anyone, young or old!

3. Get Interactive ...

People love websites that interact with visitors. To get your audience's interest, consider utilizing the interactive features on your website such as video. For example, if you sell power tools, add video tutorials, or the customer in the form of video review. Each type of video can attract people and keep them on your website in a few minutes. Chances are, if you have achieved their initial attention, you can keep them as a permanent visitor.

4 ... but make sure the relevant features

In the previous paragraph, it is mentioned that the website you have to use interactive features. It is important to note that the interactive features are not the same as flashing graphics or background music. This is a common pitfall of many websites when the song selection came to play in the background. Many web designers think that music in the background was a delight. However, this is wrong! Imagine someone has their speakers are turned on and some scary song came blasting them awake at 10:00. They will direct "x" of your site and not come back. The same thing can be said about the graphics blink. They gnaw bandwidth and hard on the eyes.

5 Keep 'em coming back for more

The most important thing about a website is not getting visitors but to get visitors and keep them coming back. You need to provide a good reason for your visitors to keep coming back to your website. Most websites use contests, prizes, or tutorials as an incentive to have visitors often return. Depending on what your website offers in terms of services or content, you can find out which one works best in your favor.

6 Test, Test and Test again

Do not let your website go live without test driving it first. Ask some friends to try it on their laptops and smartphones. You need to make sure to show your website on all web browsers and most smartphones and computer compatibility in mind. If you designed your website using Windows 7, one may still need a web site to work on Windows XP. The screen size should not be ignored either. Most widescreen laptops; This makes it imperative that you use CSS to make the website fit your various screens. You can get to know about Flatsome theme review via

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Re: What is web hosting Posted: Mon 1/11/2021 at 2:10 PM, in reply to guest guest

Thanks a lot for sharing this vital information about web hosting here. Make sure to check out Bluehost, because they are probably one of the best companies for web hosting. I am sure you'll agree with what I am saying.

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