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Transforming Politicians To Statesmen: Who Do They Serve? There are 0 replies:
Transforming Politicians To Statesmen: Who Do They Serve? Original post: Tue 9/8/2020 at 11:03 PM

Often times, when it comes to talking about politics, people have always gotten the wrong notion or belief about it. This is partly due to the fact that the concept of politics and how to become a politician has been represented by the so-called many that claims to be politicians. Have you made a keen observation, that as it is often made to appear that many public office holders and officials spend a disproportionate portion of their focus, time, and energy, trying to strategically position themselves in preparation for the next election campaign? Have you ever thought about it, what if somehow, politicians instead of their normal so-called lifestyle, what if when they were elected, they transformed into statesmen?

Instead of their serving their interests or other misplaced interest, they shifted focus away from the norm of politics to developing and implementing quality, shifted it to service to humanity, sustainable, relevant, policy for the collective good and the good of the society and the community as a whole? This, unfortunately, isn't the case as it is quite rare to witness this kind of transformation! It is the responsibility of the electorate or the people that elected them into the office to demand this allegiance and loyalty, that they should know and understand those who elected them into the office and serve them accordingly. Having that at the back of your mind, this article would seek to do justice to the topic of how to become a politician, briefly examine why such qualities below are a relevant and sustainable necessity, of truly serving as a public official or officeholders should. In trying to know how to become a politician, the understudied points would be valuable to take a keen look at as they are essential in helping one understand what it takes to become a true politician.

Serve everyone and not just loyalists and supporters

What is obtainable now is that unfortunately or maybe fortunately, modern election processes and systems depend mainly on playing the game of politics, as soon as someone is elected, public officials or politicians should realize or come to terms with the fact that, they should serve the interests of all rather than just the interest of a few individuals that are supporters or loyalist or even followers! It should be evident enough that politics should transform from just serving interests of a few but the focus should shift to serving the interest of everyone who voted them into office.

Examine the pros and cons

Every issue, strategy, or even courses of action are bound to be laden with either some positives or maybe weaknesses or negatives. It should be noted that politicians instead of blindly sticking to some form of political agenda, once they are elected, shouldn't everyone who participated in the voting and indeed everyone at large is served by persons, who take the potential ramifications, and sustainability of any idea or concept into consideration. While this challenge has lingered for a long time coming, we are still witnessing this kind of myopic type of leadership where so-called politicians stick only to their plans and strategies without recourse to flexibility and consideration of quality policies that aim for the greater good.

Relevant; reliable; realistic; responsive

It is important that we come to the consciousness of the fact that we deserve and we must demand our elected officials that they discover that they are I public offices to serve us the populace, and not their personal, political self-interest. We must also demand that they proceed in a relevant, realistic, responsive and reliable manner that has the best interests of their people as a priority; not just the interest of only those that elected and voted for them. In trying to know how to become a politician, you should also come to the realization of this fact too.

Vision; Value; Values

Politicians must realize that certain countries were created on the bedrock of some specific values, liberties, and freedom! Public officials and politicians needed are the ones who are ready to provide real value. This should be based on clear, essential, and focused vision, and also have an understanding of sustainable, relevant approaches and solutions.

Enrich; example

How to become a politician includes knowing how to lead or become an example to followers. Followers should be able to point at their elected officials as a perfect example worthy of emulation. The people are encouraged to elect into office, individuals that yearn to enrich all citizens irrespective of the divide, rather than a selected few of core followers and supporters.

We all dream and want a time, when politicians are not just politicians but also statesmen and they tend to give far more attention to serving their countries in the best manner possible instead of serving their own personal self-interest or agenda. Considering the above points, they are points that shouldn't be ignored and has to be studied in a bid to understand how to become a politician.

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