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Get in Shape by Jumping Rope Fast Original post: Fri 8/21/2020 at 4:26 AM

If you regularly jump with a rope, then you participate in the strictest and most effective weight loss program. Admission costs to the program are equal to the cost of the jump rope. There is no big machine involved in this process, in fact you can move it and start anywhere. The main facts related to exercise are burning calories faster than walking.

A person who weighs 150 pounds can burn 171 calories by skipping fifteen minutes without stopping. A heavy person can burn more calories at the same time. Exercise is known to train your heart and make it more effective by pumping blood into the blood vessels. The affected muscles wonder. Legs, belly, arms and calves promote your balance.

As you jump the rope

First, buy a jump rope at any gym outlet; They cost about 10 to 15 USD, but not high. Adjustable ropes are preferred as they can be adjusted to your torso. If you have a family of six who all want to jump rope, wouldn't it be wise to buy an adjustable rope instead of getting a six jump rope? The handles must be strong and comfortable and must be able to absorb the sweat released by the wrists.

Once you have received the rope, adjust it to the size of your upper body. Holding the handle, place one foot on the swing rope on the ground; Place it correctly between the two handles. When you have put your foot back, pull the handle; They should reach your armpits.

It is important to warm up before any exercise. You can start and do it without stopping. Do some push-ups, crunches or similar exercises before pulling the rope.

As soon as you feel warm enough, start jumping; Take your time now. Need time for exercises. Continuously jumping. When you feel you can't do it, best shoes for jumping rope let yourself relax. Take a minute break and start skipping again. A hard start is one that can jump for five minutes in a row without stopping. Try to reach the goal.

It is very important to take a break. You can do warm-up exercises at rest; It helps you make endurance.

This should be done by skipping

You should wear sneakers when jumping. Avoid running shoes as they do not reduce the damage done to your feet by hitting the ground but bounce off. If the rope is too hard to jump, listen to some quick music and go together, or watch your favorite TV show. You will be amazed at how much work you will do in minutes.

Never step on hard surfaces, as this can be harmful if your feet are touched. It is best to buy a rug and keep it under your feet while bouncing. This will greatly reduce the effect. If you experience difficulty breathing or, for example, even refuse immediately, consult your doctor and resume exercise if you are advised to do so.

When jumping on a rope, you use almost all the muscles of the body. Your leg and calf muscles suffer from hard work because you have to use your soccer ball to hit the ground and beat, and if you are a beginner, this is where you will feel the most. It also works on the quadriceps (thighs), hamstrings (behind the legs), basic muscles (abdomen, diagonally), shoulders (deltoid) and forearms. The reason for this is that a jump rope is a great form of cardio - it uses large body muscles to move you, just like other amazing forms of cardio, such as running, cycling, swimming or basketball. I like team sports. Various variations, including speeding up the rhythm and changing foot movements (jumping, double jumping, and knee lifting), can emphasize different muscles and add variety to your jumping exercises. You can also add more challenge by using heavy and thick cords or wearing a heavy jacket, thus increasing resistance, increasing exercise difficulty and burning calories.

Keep in mind that a rope jumping rope is a type of cardiovascular exercise and will not cause as much inflammation as intense weight training, so do cardio on your free days after weight lifting exercises or to get a heart rate. It's best to use it as a tool. If you are a beginner and looking for a good form of heart disease, or an experienced doctor is just trying to turn everything, try a jump rope, then you will not be disappointed.

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