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The main part of the SOP template? Original post: Fri 4/17/2020 at 12:58 AM

In the main part of the purpose statement, students must introduce their academic experience, and if you have a job or internship experience, you also need to introduce it in the main part of the sop, so as to improve your chances of obtaining an admission letter.

My preparation for your program has been expansive and thorough. First, I have a solid background in XXX and XXX. Second, during my undergraduate years, I joined a club called XXX with the focus on XXX. Our projects dealt with XXX, and other XXX. My work outside the campus, in job placements through XXX university, granted my excellent opportunities for real-world experience.

While exploring the possibility of the graduate-level work, I discovered that my interests are perfectly matched with your program. My interest in XXX, especially, was piqued during my XXX class. The aspects of the XXX fascinated me and made me long to supervise a large project in this field one day. Although I realize my current limitations, my whole-hearted enthusiasm, combined with guidance from your exceptional faculty, will carry my through the rigors of studying and forge me into an expert XXX after the one/two year master course and the subsequent Ph.D. course.

Abstract: I make every effort to get the admission notice of XXX major in your school smoothly. First of all, I have accumulated richer experience in the field of XXX. Secondly, when I was internship, I was able to join a senior group in the field of academic and carry out expert essay help writer research with them.

When I was studying for an undergraduate degree, I realized that my interest was fully in line with your school ’s project direction. I enjoy XXX, especially the XXX subjects in your school. Because I have a lot of interest in XXX, I am eager to realize my dream of becoming an expert in this field. Although I understand that there are still many aspects to be mastered well, but I have a good mind through my efforts and with the help of teachers in your school, I can successfully enter the XXX field.

Note: This part is the main part of the purpose statement. It clearly shows what preparations the students have made before applying for this major, such as introducing personal learning and work experience. It is best to provide all the facts in order to convince the examiner that you have the abilities required in this area. It is important that students write all relevant information such as time, address, and employer information clearly when writing this part, to avoid messy places, otherwise this will cause the examiner to lose important clues to the main part of the statement.

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