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How to Write a Job Description that Will Attract top Talent - Barefoot Student There are 1 replies:
How to Write a Job Description that Will Attract top Talent - Barefoot Student Original post: Wed 9/23/2020 at 10:36 AM

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When opening any new job position for your company, the first thing you need to think about the way you present it. The job description you create will help you attract the right candidates who will be able to help your company reach the success it deserves.

While this might sound good in theory, attracting top talent through a job description might be challenging. Whether you are running a new company or not, there are always ways to improve the way you present a job opening to the public. Here are some of the best tips to help you write the perfect job description to attract top talent to your company.

  • Pick The Right Title And Summary

Generic job descriptions will not help you attract the top talent you are looking for.  In order to attract truly qualified people, you need to think outside of the box. In many cases, the best way to achieve that is by using the right keywords. Copying and pasting job descriptions you have created for other job openings are not going to be helpful in this situation.

The summary has to be short, to the point and very descriptive. In many cases, the few words you have to say about the position can determine whether a candidate will take a second look. You need to make sure that you explain a few things about the job description and the obligations without making it too long. The more descriptive and short your summary is, the easier it will be for the right candidates to apply for an interview.

  • Explain The Main Responsibilities

Someone with experience will always want to know exactly what they are getting into before applying to any job. Knowing what to expect is the only way for them to know if this job will be the right fit. Joe Kenny, HR Manager for SupremeDissertations, said that “In order to attract top talent you will need to explain the main responsibilities the applicant will have as a part of the job description. This will make the job interesting and challenging for those looking to grow through your company”.

This doesn’t have to take up too much space within the job listing. You can simply use bullet points to list the key responsibilities the person will need to have experience in. These are meant to help applicants better understand the job you are listing and choose whether they will truly be interested. It will help save both yours and their time and only attract the applicants that can handle exactly what you need them to do.

  • Mention The Growth Opportunities

Employees that achieve the best results want to be able to have the opportunity to grow through their work. Any job that offers them the opportunity to make progress and evolve is going to spark their interest first. Whether the applicant has to do college paper writing or online marketing, you need to present it as the perfect job to learn and grow.

This is exactly why you should always make an effort to include pieces of information that will show the growth your employees should expect. The more they have to look forward to, the more likely they will be to apply for the job. As a result, you will attract people that will be ready and motivated to start working effectively immediately.

  • Be Clear On The Skills You Are Looking For

When putting together a job description, you always have to mention the skills you wish for your employee to have. This is beneficial for both you and the applicant that will see the job listing. Knowing exactly what you are looking for will showcase trust and confidence from your company’s side. Top talent employees look for these qualities in the companies they work for.

The key here is to not make the skills look like responsibilities. What you can do instead is present them in a way that will make them look interesting and something they can learn through working. For example, you might want someone with great team management skills. You can instead say the applicant will have the responsibility of managing a team of other people effectively. This sounds more professional and well-thought and will most likely attract the people you want.

  • Say A Few Things About Your Company

Another thing that is important when trying to attract top talent is mentioning a few things about your company. While the job description should stay small and to the point, you do not necessarily have to include a ton of information. Even if you are not good with words, you can easily get help from a tool or service such as GrabMyEssayGrammarly, and TopEssayWriting and create the right piece for your description. A few words are just enough to create some excitement and attract the right candidates.

You can achieve this by using the right words and phrases to describe your business. You can put emphasis on accepting diversity, having an international team, offering chances to grow and learn new skills. All of these qualities will be very attractive to people that want to evolve and progress through their jobs.

  • Highlight The Value Of The Position

Yet another thing you can try in order to attract top talent through your job description is to highlight the value of the position. Every employee wants to feel like their work amounts to something, and by mentioning this, you can find the right people. This is another thing that does not require a lot of space in order to mention and promote.

No matter the job position you are advertising online, you can always make it look more appealing by showing how important this is. You can say something like “We are looking for a graphic designer that will help turn the company’s visions into reality!” As simple as this might sound, it gets the message across and shows just how much the person is needed in the company.

Finding The Right Applicant For Your Job Opening

While picking the right employee for a job position might be challenging, the right job description can help attract the best candidates. The fewer people you have to interview, the more time you will be able to spend on those that matter. A detailed and to-the-point job description will allow you to attract candidates that are really interested and fit for your position.

Which of these tips do you consider to be the most important when putting together a job description?

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