Support Staff Return July 17th  
Department Chairs Return July 31st  
Deadline for New Admissions - Fall 2023 Semester August 11th  
Graduate Studies Program Orientation August 11th  
Faculty Return August 14th  
Course Confirmation Meeting August 15th  
Department Orientations (College Wide) August 16-17th  
Registration Ends August 18th  
Assessment Days August 21-25th  
ADD Courses August 21-September 1st  
Classes Begin (Sunday classes begin on 9/3) August 28th  
Labor Day (Office Closed, Classes Meet) September 4th  
Last week 100% Drop September 11 -September 15th  
College Wide Make Up Day for cancelled classes October 7th  
Native American Day (Office Closed, No Classes) October 9th  
Midterm Weeks October 9-20th  
Midterm Grades Due October 27th  
Registration Begins for Spring semester 2024 October 30th  
Veteran’s Day Holiday (Office Closed, Classes Meet) November 10th  
College Wide Make Up Day for cancelled classes November 18th  
Thanksgiving Day Holiday (Office Closed, No Classes) November 23-24th  
Deadline for Admissions - Spring 2024 Semester December 8th  
Classes End (Sunday) December 10th  
Make-up Period December 11-12th  
Final Grades and Assessment materials due December 13th  
Assessment Days December 14-15th  
Registration Ends December 22nd  
Faculty Christmas Holiday December 18-January 5th  
Support Staff Christmas Vacation December 22-January 2nd  

Support Staff/Chairs Return January 2nd  
Faculty Return January 8th  
Department Orientations January 10-11th  
Martin Luther King Day (Offices Closed) January 15th  
ADD Courses January 15-26th  
Course Confirmation Meeting January 16th  
Assessment Days January 16-19th  
Classes Begin (Sunday classes begin January 28th) January 22nd  
Last Week to Drop 100% February 5-9th  
President’s Day (Offices Closed, Classes Meet) February 19th  
College Wide Make Up Day for cancelled classes February 24th  
AIHEC 2024 (Minneapolis, MN, Woodlands TCUs Hosting) March 9-13th  
Spring Break (No classes) (Based on AIHEC) March 11-15th  
Midterm Weeks March 18-March 29th  
Easter Holiday (Good Friday) March 29th  
Midterm grades Due April 5th  
College Wide Make Up Day for cancelled classes April 6th  
Registration Begins for Fall semester April 8th  
Application to Graduate Program Due April 30th  
Classes End (Sunday) May 12th  
Make-up Period May 13-14th  
Final Grades and Assessment materials due May 15th  
Assessment Days May 16-17th  
Faculty’s Last Day May 17th  
Memorial Day (Offices Closed) May 27th  
Last Day for Chairs May 31st  
Last Day for Support Staff (24 pay period) June 14th  
Graduation/Wacipi June 7-9th